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You have probably seen the advertisements, "create your own website for $1.00".  Unfortunately it is not that simple.  Unless you have nothing better to do, two weeks (minimum) of your time to create a website that does not look very good and no one will find is no bargain.  Do you really want to spend 100-200 hours to save $449.00?  We have a better solution:

Please go to the Contact page and Enter "Spring Special into the Message area of the form and send it to us.  Be sure to include your Email address as this offer does not apply to phone orders.  Please read the conditions below.

This offer is for a 3-page basic website with a Home Page, a Contact form and a 3rd page of your chosen topic.  It includes basic SEO and links from my websites so that Google and others can quickly find and index it.

This is a limited offer, only 1 application per month.  This offer expires on October 1st, 2013.   This is our standard $550 website with all the bells and whistles.

This offer does not include the cost of purchased pictures which can vary from about $5.00 to about $100 depending on your choices.  If you already have good pictures, no problem.  You agree to provide a full page document describing what the website is about.  Ideally in Microsoft Word format, definitely not as paper that I have to retype completely.  For example, if you have an auto body shop I want to know whether you specialize in Fords or Audis  I want to know how long you have been in business, where your shop is (or has been, if you have moved recently) and what you specialize in, painting, accident repair, rust repair, etc. I would like to see a couple of references from customers.  I want to know your hours of operation, how many employees you have and a 1-paragraph about you and each employee, certifications, training, etc.  I will edit this information as appropriate for the website so don't include anything that is private without telling me it is private.

There is a $50 deposit with the rest due 1 week after completion.  Other than pictures and sales tax, there are no other charges.  If you already have a domain or an existing website that you want reworked, I will need the login and password for the registrar (such as GoDaddy).  If not, I will register it for you.  There is no charge for hosting for 12 months on my servers.  The price you are paying includes small changes throughout the year, for example summer hours or a changed phone number.  After 12 months I will bill you for another $250 for the following year.  If you wish to cancel or use another designer, you may do so and I will provide the source code for the website and transfer the domain if necessary.  Work starts when I receive the deposit and you should expect to see the website in a week.  Changes before we are both happy may take another week or so.  Connecticut or Western MA residents or companies only, English only.

You may find cheaper (actually I doubt if you can find anything remotely professional for less) but you will not find a better offer!  Jump start your business and be busy the remainder of this year! Please go to the Contact page and apply!  For more information about my company, please visit my main website for my current office in Enfield CT.