Website Design Services near Hartford CT & New England

Serving Northern CT and Western MA -

We design and support websites and eCommerce websites.

All our new websites are using the latest technologies, HTML5, CSS3 and ASP.NET 4.0.  We specialize in enhanced websites, those with a database or some logic.

We have a few personal websites but our focus is on small businesses and professionals.  We provide full service because we believe that business people have better things to do with their time than to waste it designing an unprofessional website that cannot be found in Google searches.

There are no surprises from CIT Services, no hidden charges and no malware imported from Asia.  We don't outsource coding or design to people we haven't personally met.  With that said, there is no website project too big for us, because we can outsource to people we have personally met and trust.  Ask us for a quote, we can easily beat the Indians on both price and quality.

Unlike most other website designers, we have our own code base for eCommerce.  We wrote it and we own it and we don't pay royalties or fees to anyone to use it.  This eCommerce suite is simple to use, if you can handle Microsoft Word then you can maintain your own store.  This eCommerce suite is written in ASP.NET so if you are a medium sized corporation and you would like to heavily customize and expand it, you can purchase the right to use it, rather than spending a year to build what we already have.

It is a total fallacy that Search Engine Optimization can be separated from Website Design.  Only a good website designer can effectively promote your website.

If you want your website to be found in Google and Bing, choose a website designer who can be found in Google and Bing, particularly one who is found in the free organic search area and who is also in Google Places. Website promotion is an art, a science and a lot of busy work.  If you would like to how we promote a website and how much it costs, give us a call.

In addition to websites, we design standard Windows applications using WFP, .NET, MS SQL Server and other tools.

We don't design games or toys.  We design effective and cost effective business applications. or visit our Contact page

Rather than tell you what we can do, we ask you to tell us what you want.

We can probably do it for you!

Ask us!