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Our formerly in Hartford Company

My website design company is now based in Enfield CT, where I live.  Because of the way Google and the other search engines work, I have unique websites in several other local communities.  I had an office in Hartford in 2010.

CIT Services is a software development company that also develops websites.  I recommend that my customers put their picture and a personal message onto their website, so I do too.  Here is my simple business philosophy:

My success is dependent on my customers' successes.  If they prosper, I prosper.  If my websites bring them customers, they will be my customer.

Please visit my main Enfield website at www.cit-services.com or my New Britain Website and visit some of my customer websites.

If you would like to know more about me personally, please visit my personal website, http://www.donaldpeters.net

Sometimes one website isn't enough.  CIT Services is on page #1 for many Google searches in Enfield and the neighboring towns and #1 in many searches for the entire State of CT.  But many people search in their local towns, Windsor, Vernon/Rockville, Hartford, New Britain, etc.  When we have or have had a mailing address in these towns, we have created websites and gotten registered with Google Places, Yahoo Local, etc.  If your business has branch offices, I strongly recommend a unique website for each location, because people will search for "attorney in New Britain CT".  They may not find you in New Britain if you have an office in both Hartford and New Britain but your website is registered in Google Places only for Hartford.

Second and third websites are inexpensive when we are just making local modifications.  Please look for our other websites.


If you read our SEO pages carefully, you will learn that links are critical to good rank by Google and Microsoft and Yahoo.  New Customers get a complementary link here and SEO customers get a permanent link.  Everyone gets a link from our Customers page.  You will aso learn that the Home page on any website is worth far more in Google rank than secondary pages, and that outgoing links detract from the rank of the sending page.  That is why there are only a few links on this page.